A very old prayer

The last chorister has returned to Australia from overseas. The tour really is over. We are well and truly back to the normal weekly singing. This Sunday morning we sang the Missa Aeterna Christi Munera, written by Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina in 1590. Four hundred and twenty six years ago, this beautiful piece of music … More A very old prayer

A visit to a friend

It was an utter privilege on Friday to leave our hotel (a little earlier than most of us would have liked) and travel by bus ninety-seven miles (whatever that is in kilometres) all the way to Beaulieu Abbey, the church from which Newcastle’s first bishop William Tyrell came. The current church was a former refectory … More A visit to a friend

Who are we?

Christ Church Cathedral maintains a music programme that has benefited this city for nearly two hundred years — the first records of music at the Cathedral date from 1835. During this time, the choirs, organists and musicians of the Cathedral have enhanced the worship of our church, diocese and city, and provided entertainment on the concert … More Who are we?