In the name of…

“I don’t pray,” said the small nun in a discussion on prayer and spirituality, delighting mischievously in the carefully concealed shock on people’s faces. A nun who doesn’t pray? Her point, though: “I don’t pray. The Spirit within me surrounds me and reaches out to Itself in God”.  Ah – that makes more sense.  This weekend is Trinity … More In the name of…

We are not drunk

No, we are not drunk – it’s only nine o’clock in the morning.  So says Peter, standing with the other disciples in those first, energy-filled moments of Pentecost. We haven’t been drinking, he assures those around him – but we have seen the day on which God has poured out the Spirit. Our world has … More We are not drunk

Well, now what?

Imagine what the church’s Easter season must have been like for the disciples: to lose their friend and leader to a horrific, public death; then the incredulity and joy of resurrection, their beloved teacher miraculously returned to them. For all the years of Jesus’ ministry, they had formed their lives around him: how much more … More Well, now what?

Words of reassurance

John 14:15-21; Psalm 66. Words of reassurance. We all need them. Yes, of course I love you. You are not alone. Everything is going to be alright. The disciples in this week’s gospel hear words of reassurance in Jesus’ farewell discourse, this final opportunity to leave his friends something to hold onto when their world … More Words of reassurance