A blessed interruption

We’ve been spending a lot of time rehearsing. It’s slightly different in English cathedrals — we robe, and do most of our rehearsal in the choir stalls of the cathedral itself, rather than in the song school. We were interrupted in rehearsal yesterday. Norwich was once home to Benedictine monks, who kept the daily patterns … More A blessed interruption

A history of prayer

Yesterday we said goodbye to Southwark cathedral, which has been our home for the week, and today we have travelled on a large purple bus all the way to Norwich. Southwark cathedral is a beautiful place. Huge quadrapartite vaulted ceilings arched above us as we sang; during Evensong, light spilled through the high glass windows … More A history of prayer

A visit to a friend

It was an utter privilege on Friday to leave our hotel (a little earlier than most of us would have liked) and travel by bus ninety-seven miles (whatever that is in kilometres) all the way to Beaulieu Abbey, the church from which Newcastle’s first bishop William Tyrell came. The current church was a former refectory … More A visit to a friend